Can You Lose Weight Just from Your Stomach

Got a beer belly? Visceral fats are easy to form, but knowing how to lose belly fat is a different story. With this, a lot of people wonder if it’s possible to lose weight only in the tummy area. Will a hundred crunches do the trick? Yes and no.

If you’re intending to lose weight by targeting spots on your belly, you surely can lose weight on that area. But if your idea of weight loss is a laser-focused trimming, it might be impossible with natural weight loss.

What science says

As for scientific approach, doing ab exercise as an effort to lose stomach weight may yield varying results. As experts note, some fat deposits are more metabolically active than others. This fat reacts faster to exercise. However, the amount of metabolically active fats depends on the person’s lifestyle and condition.

The good news is that most fats in the tummy area are metabolically active. If you perform the right exercise with proper intensity, this should be easy to burn.

Does spot targeting works?

A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that consistent ab workout won’t necessarily burn abdominal fats. For those trying to lose weight around their tummy area, a mix of strength training and aerobic exercise would be more effective.

As much as this will reduce belly fat, expect that these exercises will also burn fat deposits on the other parts of your body. Aerobics can make your arms and legs slimmer.

Remember that when you exercise, your body releases hormones that in turns burn metabolically active fats. The higher the intensity, the more hormones your body releases.

How to lose weight on the stomach

Since spot reduction isn’t a guaranteed method, it’s best to come up with a whole routine to burn the excess weight on your tummy.

Belly fat diet plan

What you eat is what you gain. Changing your diet for the better will surely make a dent on your belly fat. Exercise is not the only variable in the equation. No matter how hard you lift weights on the gym, it will be useless if you will not revamp your eating habits.

It is time to take sugary drinks and food off the table. Also, ditch alcoholic drinks. This beverage contains high levels of liquid calories that settle in the gut. In the long run, it forms belly fats. Instead, switch to fresh veggies, whole grains, and organic fruits.

Belly fat burning exercise

The tandem of strength training and cardiovascular exercises is guaranteed to flatten your stomach. Two to three full body sessions per week are enough to burn metabolically active fats. Also, 150 minutes of cardiovascular routines per week is the key to fast weight loss.

You can consider trying routines that you love. Go biking, swimming, running, or attend an aerobics class. For strength training, you can still perform the all-time favorite crunches, planks, and bird poses.

What to avoid to lose weight on stomach

Excessive carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are divided into two types: simple and complex carbs. Simple carbs are found on sugary food and drinks. Meanwhile, complex carbs are those that came from potatoes, rice, and other related sources. Make sure that you keep an eye on these to prevent excessive fat storage.

Racing to the finish line

There is no shortcut to weight loss. It is a process that involves weeks of discipline and a healthy lifestyle. Never believe anyone who says you can lose 10 pounds of belly fat in just three days. Always take things slowly, be it for diet changes and exercise. Remember, it’s not healthy to work out for three hours straight. An hour of high-intensity exercise is better. Why? Because fat loss happens at rest after your workout.

Skipping meals

Cutting calories by skipping meals seems like a good idea. However, this will only make you hungrier, and when your body reached its tipping point, you’re going to grab carb-rich food items. Also, it’s not healthy to deprive the body with much-needed nutrients just to cut calorie intake. Instead, you can eat low-calorie meals.

Oversized portions

Eating out on restaurants with friends got a lot of people used to large portions. So when it’s time to cut back, eating becomes a challenge. The trick here is to use smaller plates. Also, prepare your own food at home. This will save money while ensuring that your tummy is getting nutritious food.

Mindless eating

If you are keen to get rid of belly fat, it’s time to put your eyes on the plate while eating. Mindless eating while watching TV, checking your phone, or chatting with someone will make you appreciate food less. This will lead to delayed satiation. The result? You’re going to eat more.

Knowing how to lose belly fat requires patience and dedication. Yes, you can get rid of tummy flab but only with the right routines.

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